Light In The Attic Records Reissues Lee Moses’ “Time And Place!”


Lee Moses Time & Place

SoulSistas And SoulBruthas! Quite often, you’ll hear crate diggers talk about “holy grail” records. Generally, it means stumbling upon a super rare record that you completely love at a good price. One of mine is Lee Moses’, “Time And Place.” For such an incredibly gifted artist, Lee only made one full length LP and a few singles between 1967 and 1970. As is often the case, I can’t remember when or where I heard the massive title tune from Lee’s LP. I do distinctly remember it blowing me away though. Ever since then I’ve been hoping to find the album to spin on my turntable. Sad to say, it’s never happened. Lucky for me, the excellent record label, Light In The Attic, just announced they’ll be reissuing the album with all the love and care it deserves. I’m so SO, excited about this. Here’s some sounds to check out…

“Hey Joe” was featured in an episode of HBO’s, unfortunately, now cancelled series, “Vinyl.”

And just about any cover of, “California Dreaming” is generally a winner. This one is no exception!

You can purchase this record over at the Light In The Attic shop. There’s 300 red/gold split colored limited edition pressings up for grabs, as well as CD and black vinyl versions. Get on this!!!


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