Record Store Day 2016 Spotlight: New Orleans Funk 45rpm Box Set!


SoulSistas And SoulBruthas! Well, it’s here again. This weekend is Record Store Day 2016! While we celebrate great music releases, we also celebrate independent record stores. These small businesses are great for the community, and most of all, after almost losing all of the shops in my city, we now have multiple thriving shops. That’s a cool thing!

One of the more interesting releases this year for Soul, Funk aficionados is Soul Jazz Records’, “New Orleans Funk.” Featuring some of the most serious burners from that great city, this five disc box set should be high on your RSD list. Here’s the details:

Soul Jazz Records’ Record Store Day Exclusive Limited-Edition New Orleans Funk 7” Box Set comprising five classic New Orleans’ seven-inch singles reproduced here in exact replica bespoke label artwork and all digitally re-mastered.

Seriously rare, killer and classic party tunes from the Big Easy, brought together here in this unique one-off Record Store Day box-set edition. These singles have only ever ever been available exclusively direct from Soul Jazz Records’ Soho shop in London and are available worldwide only for the RSD special release.

The unique sound of New Orleans Funk, a product of the second line percussion of Mardi Gras Indians, Jazz Funeral Parades and Marching Bands in the city was born in the mid-60s in the studio of Cosimo Matassa, an evolution from the rhythm and blues sounds of Fats Domino, Little Richard and the honky tonk and ragtime piano ‘Professors’ of the city’s earlier musical history.

Featuring Eddie Bo’s productions from the seminal funk group Explosions and New Orleans singer Chuck Carbo, plus the heaviest of all Professor Longhair tunes, the superb female soul of Inell Young and the rarest of New Orleans funk singles – Salt’s massive and very valuable Hung Up.

This unique box-set edition is only available as a one-off pressing especially for Record Store Day 2016.

1. The Explosions – Garden Of Four Trees
2. The Explosions – Teach Me
3. Professor Longhair – Big Chief (Part 1)
4. Professor Longhair – Big Chief (Part 2)
5. Chuck Carbo – Can I Be Your Squeeze
6. Chuck Carbo – Take Care Your Homework Friend
7. Inell Young – What Do You See In Her
8. Inell Young – I Remember The Summer
9. Salt – Hung Up
10. Salt – I Can’t Believe

This box set will be available at Sounds Of The Universe Record Shop in London, and music shops around the world! You can find more information about this excellent item @ 


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